19970630 of Yasushi's Life

Non-Japanese Business Person (June 30, 1997)

I tried NORIKO's Top 20 Checkpoints of Your "Japanese Businessman" Likenesson her web page. My results are the following. How about yours?

Q1 You can speak English, but you cannot make yourself understood.

Making myself understood in English is just a very basic partof my work. I may have difficulties in making myself understood in Japanese.

Q2 In Summer, you wear white half-sleeve shirt with a simple red or blue tie under your sober-colored jacket.

Even in summer, I wear a double-cuffed colored shirt with apower tie under authentic dirk blue suites because our office is equiped with powerful air conditioners.

Q3 You are afraid of foreign working women.

I am afraid of working with foreign women because they willget crazy for me.

Q4 On Friday, you drink "Regain" or "Tough-Man" and go out forYakitori & Karaoke.

TGIF!! I go out for funcy Italian cuisine with my buddies,enjoy delicious red vine, and cruise my favorate bars. Or otherwise, go home, readbooks and just relax by myself.

Q5 You play golf with your colleagues on weekend and never feel regret about it.

I do not play golf simply because I do not want to feel sorryfor spending precious weekends in playing golf with my colleagues.

Q6 When you go on an overseas business trip, you never come back without drinking at a top-less bar there.

Altough I do often go overseas for my business tirp, I havenever been to a topless bar. Maybe, I should try one for my next trip. Thanks forthe advise. :-P

Q7 Your wife is controlling "Japan money".

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have not married yet.

Q8 Before starting to talk, you bow and pull out your name card. You start talking by " We Japanese...."

Before starting to talk, I see your eyes, shake hands, and say "Haven't we seeneach other before?".

Q9 You have ZAURUS by SHARP(you can draw kanji on its monitor by a plastic pen).

I have a Pilot by US Robotics. ZAURUS is too big to carry.

Q10 Instead of answering the question instantly, you call your headquarters.

I answer questions instantly because I know that no one inmy office will pick up the phone.

Q11 You only take your paid-leave for the period of Obon(August 13-15) and Oshogatsu(NewYear January 1-3).

I work during Obon period because commuting trains are allempty.

Q12 During the question and answer time, you never raise your hand.

Without raising my hand, I start asking questions.

Q13 You believe everything written in English.

I may believe everything written in Latin because Latin isno longer used in any countries.

Q14 When you get drunk, you start striptease and your friends follow you.

I am not confident in my body that much and have tried to chosefriends who have the same opinion. So far, I am very successful in that.

Q15 Your major three topics for chatting are economy, baseball and sex.

My favorate three topics are financial markets, dining, and computers.

Q16 You take your male friend with you when your are invited.

I am not a person who loses an opportunity to have a date.

Q17 You go out for lunch together with your male colleague.

Unfortunately, this might be the case because our office cafeteriarequires male colleagues' company to enter into.

Q18 You read tabloid with nasty pictures in a train.

I enjoy much nastier pictures on internet. Huh huh, Just ajoke.

Q19 You go anywhere in the world wherever the human resource department tells you.

I go anywhere in the world where voices in my heart tell meto go.

Q20 You blindly obey the woman who play your mother's role.

I wish I could obey.